The staff of the Administrative and Central Resources Program provides the resources and services critical to supporting the Hesburgh Libraries mission of connecting people to knowledge. With professionalism and efficiency, our team members support financial management, personnel services, procurement, building services and facilities management, organizational development, and administrative support for the Library’s senior leaders.

Please use the contact information below to reach any staff member if you need assistance in these areas.

Our Service Pledge

  • We pledge to provide knowledge and information and to respond promptly, politely and professionally to questions and concerns
  • We are committed to a standard of excellence that places our customers and their needs at the core of all we do


Director, Finance and Administration
(574) 631-2938 | msimpson@nd.edu | 284C Hesburgh Library

As the Director of the Administrative and Central Resources Program, Matt oversees the financial operating framework for the Hesburgh Libraries and is also responsible for human resources administration and building maintenance.

Financial Oversight

  • Oversee annual budget for Hesburgh Libraries.
  • Steward endowments, library priorities, and donor designations.
  • Develop short-term and long-term budget priorities and strategies.
  • Coordinate financial operations with Office of the Provost.
  • Manage year-to-date financial performance and year-end performance versus budget.
  • Develop and recommend policies specific to the Hesburgh Libraries.
  • Serve as primary liaison with University financial offices.

Personnel and Staffing

  • Ensure compliance with University policies and procedures governing all personnel areas: recruiting, hiring, appointments, promotion, attendance, payroll, separation, and FMLA.
  • Manage communication of personnel activities and issues between the Hesburgh Libraries, Human Resources, and the Provost’s Office.
  • Develop and recommend policies specific to the Hesburgh Libraries.

Manage Program Area

  • Supervise employees in the Administrative and Central Resources Program.
  • Participate on senior leadership teams, representing interests of the Program.
  • Communicate Library initiatives to Program staff, ensuring their engagement and understanding.
  • Assist in strategic planning for the Library, and lead goal planning for the Program.

Library Mailroom Distribution Coordinator
574-631-7437 | Heather.Grabarek.5@nd.edu | 156 Hesburgh Library

Maintain security and safety of people and property in Hesburgh Library by surveying areas and enforcing library rules and regulations. Serves as a point of contact for building, maintenance, security and emergency information. Responsible for the opening, closing and monitoring of the building to provide an atmosphere conducive to study and research


Procurement Analyst
(574) 631-5271 | sdavis1@nd.edu | 284G Hesburgh Library

Salem is primarily responsible for the procurement activities of the Library, reviewing expense reimbursement activity in the TravelND system and non-computer purchases in BuyND. He also assists the Director and the Senior Accounting Specialist with accounting activities.


  • Audit all expense reports submitted by faculty and staff.
  • Assist some faculty and staff with entering their expenses into TravelND.
  • Answer questions about expense reimbursement, including issues with expense reports submission.
  • Help assemble and submit expense reports for the senior leaders in the Library Administration office.

Procurement /BuyND

  • Purchase all non-computer equipment and furniture for the libraries.
  • Purchase many miscellaneous items for faculty and staff.
  • Research and locate items for procurement that employees need but cannot easily find on their own.
  • Coordinate purchases with many different departments on campus, working closely with the Controller’s Group, especially the Procurement Office.
  • Ensure Library purchasing activities follow University guidelines and procedures, as communicated by the Controller’s Procurement Office.


  • Update the Information Technology Budget Report on a quarterly basis.
  • Act as Accounts Payable for most of the Library’s expenses (that are not related to materials acquisitions, resources deliver, or Interlibrary Loan services.
  • Answer general questions related to budgets, expenses, and account code (FOAPAL) use.

Facilities Manager
(574) 631-6361 (574) 850-6208 | rfergers@nd.edu | 154 Hesburgh Library

As Building Services Manager, Ross is responsible for general maintenance and space management of the Hesburgh Library building, as well representing Hesburgh Library on all facilities and equipment projects, promoting safety and security for the building.

Building Manager

  • Coordinate renovations, alterations, office relocations, and new construction.
  • Monitor IAQ throughout the library and contact Utilities as necessary.
  • Maintain furniture inventory.
  • Coordinate with Building Services concerning cleanliness issues.
  • Supervise Building Services Assistant

Safety and Security Officer

  • Maintain Incident Report Log.
  • Maintain key inventory and disseminate keys as necessary.
  • Respond to safety and security concerns throughout the building.
  • Chair the Library Safety and Security Task Force.
  • Coordinate with the Notre Dame Security Police liaison.

Maintenance Coordinator

  • Report through the AIM software system all issues involving outside library support.
  • Follow up on all maintenance repairs and replacements.
  • Coordinate the follow-through and completion of all work orders from University departments.
  • Coordinate with the Maintenance Project Coordinator on alterations to the Hesburgh Library and associated branches.

Administrative Assistant
(574) 631-5252 | jgarces@nd.edu | 284 Hesburgh Library

As the administrative assistant for the Administrative and Central Resources (ACR) Program Julie serves as the primary customer service representative for visitors, patrons, and fellow Library employees coming to or calling the Library Administrative Office. Reporting to and supporting the Director of Finance and Administration, Julie also provides administrative support for two Associate University Librarians, other staff in the Administration office, as well as the University Librarian in the absence of the Senior Administrative Assistant.

Administrative Support

  • Manage calendars for several individuals in the 221 Office
  • Maintain employee & absence files
  • Assist patrons with questions
  • Provide clerical support, coordinate events and maintain the Hesburgh Library Directory
  • Maintain and track the Lunch with the University Librarian events


  • Audit expense reports submitted by faculty and staff.
  • Answer questions about expense reimbursement


  • Purchase day-to-day supplies needed by all the libraries
  • Checking in supplies once they have arrived
  • Delivering supplies

Library Maintenance Technician
+1 574 631 8439 | Donald.M.Mester.8@nd.edu | 156 Hesburgh Library

Sr. Business Analyst
(574) 631-4037 | lpurdy1@nd.edu | 284G Hesburgh Library

In coordination with the Director, Lee is responsible for general and strategic financial analysis to aid in the development of the Library budget (approximately $31.5 million) with a focus on the materials acquisitions budget. He also serves as a liaison to Program Directors and Selectors to aid with budget questions and guidance.


  • Assists with the preparation of the Library’s materials acquisition budget (approximately $12.7 million)
  • Designs reports to aid in financial monitoring and planning
  • Partners with several program directors to provide financial guidance for their budgets

Analysis & Planning

  • Assists the Director with strategic financial planning
  • Identifies, develops, and recommends suggestions for process improvements
  • Develops ad hoc reports on an as-needed basis


  • Manages the year-end process for closing the Acquisitions budget and rolling it over into the next fiscal year
  • Manages payments of electronic products and use of ProCards for Acquisitions
  • Works with Selectors to manage available funds

Personnel Specialist
(574) 631-3972 | mstenber@nd.edu | Michelle.Savoie@nd.edu | 284L Hesburgh Library

Reporting to the Director, Michelle administers the Libraries’ human resources and payroll functions, including recruiting and hiring activities, preparing and managing employee records, and guiding managers and supervisors on University personnel policies and procedures.


  • Faculty: Support Faculty Search and CAP committees.
  • Faculty: Coordinate the reappointment and promotion process.
  • Staff: – Work with supervisors to post and recruit for staff positions.
  • Staff: Fill temporary and summer employment positions.
  • Students: Point of contact for students interested in library employment; refers students to supervisors with open positions in their departments.


  • Coordinate Ultra Time hourly payroll for the Libraries.
  • Work with Payroll Services to resolve questions and concerns regarding hourly, semi-monthly, and bi-weekly payrolls.
  • Ensure accurate pay for employees who are on FMLA leave or Worker's Compensation.

Human Resources

  • Point of contact for Human Resources-related policy questions or issues.
  • Work with Human Resources to ensure accurate documentation and tracking of FMLA issues.
  • Work with Risk Management to ensure timely documentation of Worker's Comp related issues.

Library Business Analyst
574-631-8485 | lwheeler@nd.edu | 284G Hesburgh Library

In coordination with the Director and the Senior Business Analyst, Lindsay is responsible for general and strategic financial analysis to aid in the development and management of the Library budget (approximately $31.5 million). She also serves as a liaison to Program Directors to aid with budget questions and guidance.


  • Assists with the preparation of the Library’s overall budget (approximately $31.5 million)
  • Designs reports to aid in financial monitoring and planning
  • Partners with several program directors to provide financial guidance for their budgets
  • Facilitates, reviews, and approves various aspects of procurement, payments, and expense reimbursement

Analysis & Planning

  • Assists the Director with strategic financial planning
  • Identifies, develops, and recommends suggestions for process improvements
  • Oversees quarterly review and analysis of the budget

Senior Administrative Assistant to the Edward H. Arnold University Librarian
(574) 631-7780 | mwolff@nd.edu | 284 Hesburgh Library

As senior administrative assistant, Michele coordinates the activities of and provides primary support for the University Librarian (UL), which includes performing all clerical duties, scheduling, and travel arrangements. Michele serves as a liaison between the Library Advisory Council members and University employees, which entails coordinating meetings and events for the Advisory Council, notifying the Development and Stewardship Offices of Council concerns, and maintaining records for the Council. She coordinates meetings, maintains rosters, creates agendas, and takes minutes for the University Committee on Libraries.

Michele holds a Bachelor of Science degree in secondary education from the University of Central Florida.

Administrative Support for University Librarian

  • Manage calendar, schedule meetings and appointments, and relay messages for the University Librarian.
  • Take meeting minutes, prepare correspondence, obtain UL signatures, maintain files for Office of UL, make travel arrangements, and prepare expense reports for the University Librarian.
  • Provide clerical support, coordinate events, maintain the web page, and serve as the liaison for the University Committee on Libraries. -Proofread and edit marketing and promotional information for the Communications and Marketing Program Director, the Executive Administrator, and the University Librarian.

Foik Award Committee

  • Compile and manage nominations and committee activities of Foik Award Committee.
  • Create a committee composed of 3 T&R faculty, 1 student, and the 3 most recent recipients of the Paul J. Foik, C.S.C. Award (invite members, provide instructions, give clerical support).
  • Schedule a meeting to select the award recipient, correspond with committee members, send instructions for selecting a recipient, and assist with writing the citation for the Provost.

Library Advisory Council

  • Maintain all correspondence files and contact information for members of the Library Advisory Council.
  • Coordinate all activities, events, transportation needs, lodging, etc. for advisory council members.
  • Work with the University Librarian and the Advisory Council Chair to create an agenda for Council weekends, and then provide all administrative support needed for the members.