The Resource Description & Discovery Services unit directly supports the Hesburgh Libraries’ core mission of connecting people to knowledge by receiving, describing,organizing and ensuring discovery of the Libraries' collections.


Head, Resource Description & Discovery Services, and Metadata Strategist
Head, Resource Description and Discovery Services
(574) 631-5739 | mckeown.8@nd.edu | 429 Hesburgh Library

Mary McKeown serves as head of Resource Description & Discovery Services (RDDS) and as Metadata Strategist. RDDS consists of three teams providing cataloging and metadata services in order to ensure and enhance discoverability of Hesburgh Libraries' collections. As Metadata Strategist, Mary works with colleagues and stakeholders throughout the Libraries to address issues and policies affecting discovery of our bibliographic resources. She also serves as the Libraries' NACO coordinator.


Supervisor, Serials, Holdings and Discovery Quality team
(574) 631-6043 | jcolli14@nd.edu | 402AC Hesburgh Library

Jared serves as supervisor for the Serials, Holdings and Discovery Quality team in the Resource Description & Discovery Services unit. His team is responsible for all kinds of routine and project based catalog maintenance and quality control, serials cataloging, processing of government documents and ongoing work to support the transfer of materials to the Libraries' Annex.

Supervisor, Monographic Receipt & Discovery team
Supervisor, Monographic Receipt and Discovery Team
(574) 631-2516 | mcrabtr1@nd.edu | monoacqr@nd.edu | 402G Hesburgh Library

Monica serves as supervisor for the Monographic Receipt & Discovery team within the Resource Description & Discovery Services unit.

The Monographic Receipt & Discovery team serves our researchers, students and subject librarians by receiving and cataloging resources for the Notre Dame community in support of current needs. Monica coordinates the work of unit members who receive library collection materials (book, serial and electronic), process gifts approved by our subject librarians, and catalog library collection materials for discovery by our library patrons.

Contact Monica for the following:

Materials Receipt (or email: monoacqr@nd.edu):
- status of order receipt or copy cataloging


Strategic Resource and Discovery Unit Head
German Language & Literature Librarian
(574) 631-8649 | rkusmer@nd.edu | 428 Hesburgh Library

Rob Kusmer serves as the supervisor of the Strategic Resource Discovery Services team in the Resource Description & Discovery Services unit. He is responsible for original and complex copy cataloging for all German-language monographs as well as monographs in the humanities and theology. He also serves as the German language and literature subject librarian.