In alignment with the Hesburgh Libraries vision, research and develop mid- to long-term strategic opportunities to transform library services, programs, processes, and technologies. Conceptualize, assess, accept, or reject opportunities through pilots, service/process design, outreach, business case analysis, prototyping technology, assessment, user experience analysis, and/or community engagement. Working closely with applicable programs and Strategic Innovation affiliates, opportunities are in any function/area in the libraries.


(574) 631-1086


Head of Strategic Innovation
(574) 631-1086 | rjohns14@nd.edu | 271J Hesburgh Library

Operating within the Office of the University Librarian, the Director of Strategic Innovation leads and coordinates efforts focused on strategic innovation and research and development within the mid- to long-range landscape in anticipation of changing stakeholder needs. In collaboration with library stakeholders from across the organization, lead targeted efforts to surface, conceptualize, evaluate, and realize strategic ideas and opportunities to transform library services, programs, processes, technologies, etc.


R&D Technology Engineer
(574) 631-8569 | jfriesen@nd.edu | 271 Hesburgh Library

As a member of Strategic Innovation, closely collaborates with R&D Analyst Librarians and Strategic Innovation affiliates to develop identified opportunities, rapidly prototype technologies to experiment, vet, and incubate possible solutions. Technology focus areas include UI mockups, UI development, systems or service development, cloud or other infrastructure development. In addition, R&D Technology Engineers perform data modeling and analysis, metadata modeling, process design, user experience analysis, and technology opportunity analysis.


R&D Analyst
(574) 631 2409 | skasten@nd.edu | 402C Hesburgh Library

As a Research and Development Analyst, performs market analysis and outreach among library and campus stakeholders to identify, evaluate, assess, and advance opportunities to create or enhance library services or activities. Activities include sustainability planning, process design, needs assessment, service pilots, community engagement, and user experience analysis. Liaises with stakeholders in related campus areas and Hesburgh Library Programs such as Digital Services, IT, TRU Services, Collection Strategies, Metadata Services.