Head of Preservation
(574) 631-4643 | | B005 Reyniers Building

As Conservator for the Hesburgh Libraries, Liz Dube facilitates the maintenance and preservation of the Libraries physical collections. Seeking to insure that collections are accessible for as long as they are needed, Liz collaboratively identifies and mitigates risks to the collections, establishes treatment priorities and protocols, and directs the conservation lab in which restorative and preventative treatments are performed. Liz holds a bachelor's degree in English Literature with Peace Studies minor from the University of Connecticut, and a Master of Library Science degree and Certificate of Advanced Studies in Library and Archives Conservation from the University of Texas.


Library Assistant II
(574) 631-6169 | | 402U Hesburgh Library

Kathy is responsible for the pre and post processing of monographs, periodicals and other paper materials for commercial library binding and, for oversight of the shelf preparation and labeling unit. Kathy assists with the preparation and inspection of reformatting (microfilming, preservation facsimile, mass deacidification) shipments, and with the inspection of digitized files of Libraries' materials prepared by vendors.


Sr. Preservation Services Specialist
(574) 631-6360 | | 402V Hesburgh Library

Debbie is responsible for managing the daily activites of the commercial binding, shelf prep, reformatting and deacidification of the Preservation unit. Debbie coordinates commercial binding activities for the four branch libraries, and supervises student workers.


General Collections Conservation Technician
(574) 631-7734 | | B005 Reyniers Building

As conservation technician for general collections, Tosha McComb coordinates the day to day repair work for the in-house treatment of circulating and reference collections. As such, she performs treatments to stabilize materials for use, trains and supervises student assistants, and maintains supplies and equipment to support this work.


Special Collections Preventive Conservation Technician
(574) 631-4077 | | B010 Reyniers Building

As preventative conservation technician for special collections, Diane Sikorski provides preventative conservation treatments for rare books, manuscripts, and other special collections. This work includes constructing custom protective enclosures for fragile materials, mounting special collections exhibitions, and providing alkalinizing treatment for acidic documents.