Program Director, Digital Initiatives and Scholarship
Program Director, Digital Initiatives and Scholarship
(574) 631-1086 | | 271J Hesburgh Library

As the Program Director of Digital Initiatives and Scholarship, Rick Johnson directs the design and development of the Libraries' data curation and digital library solutions for research, teaching, and learning. These include CurateND, the library’s service to curate, preserve, and spotlight collections and research at Notre Dame. Rick also provides oversight of data management planning services within the libraries, and supports activities in the Navari Family Center for Digital Scholarship.

Focus areas include:

  • Coordinate with faculty, students, and researchers to determine best solutions to preserve, manage, curate, present, and share digital content, data, and other resources used in research, teaching, and learning.
  • Define long-term strategic objectives to meet stakeholder needs and emerging trends.
  • Direct and coordinate planning around areas such as data integrity, disaster recovery, retention policies, and data management policies.
  • Work in support of Digital Projects and services related to the Navari Family Center for Digital Scholarship.

With over 15 years experience, Rick has worked in software development, testing, sales, and management. As a graduate of the University of Notre Dame in 1999, Rick is also double domer with bachelor’s degrees in Japanese and Computer Science.

In his spare time, Rick enjoys distance running and traveling.


Digital Library Infrastructure Lead
(574) 631-1566 | | 271I Hesburgh Library

Don Brower is the Infrastructure lead for the digital library. He deals with digital preservation and storage. He also works on digital projects involving data analysis and digital humanities. He has a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Notre Dame.

His responsibilities include

  • Lead design and development of digital library infrastructure services for library collections and research data.
  • Lead strategic planning surrounding disaster recovery, infrastructure integrity, data integrity, retention policies, data management policies, software development process standards, and other related policies for campus research data and library collections.

Manager, Digital Library Technology Unit
(574) 631-8569 | | 271 Hesburgh Library

Jeremy is responsible for management aspect of the Digital Library Technology Unit.


Project Manager
+1 574 631 3451 | | 271 Hesburgh Library

Rebecca manages projects in the DARIT Division and consults on an ad hoc basis for other library projects. Together with the other Digital Project Managers, she provides a common contact point for all DARIT project work and endeavors to implement and oversee consistent project management processes throughout the library.

Project Management

  • Develop project plans and collaborate with Program Director(s) to set project priorities and high level timelines based on stakeholder needs and strategic library initiatives
  • Recommend, implement, document, and oversee consistent project management processes;
  • Collaborate with technical lead and/or product owner(s) to define project scope, set sprint milestones, and schedule backlog to meet proper implementation of requirements and long-term strategic objectives;
  • Provide a central communication point for project progress and work to define new channels for internal and external communication.

Rebecca earned a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management from Bethel College.