284C Hesburgh Library
Notre Dame, IN 46556
o: (574) 631-2938
e: msimpson@nd.edu

Matthew Simpson Portrait


As the Director of the Administrative and Central Resources Program, Matt oversees the financial operating framework for the Hesburgh Libraries and is also responsible for human resources administration and building maintenance.

Financial Oversight

  • Oversee annual budget for Hesburgh Libraries.
  • Steward endowments, library priorities, and donor designations.
  • Develop short-term and long-term budget priorities and strategies.
  • Coordinate financial operations with Office of the Provost.
  • Manage year-to-date financial performance and year-end performance versus budget.
  • Develop and recommend policies specific to the Hesburgh Libraries.
  • Serve as primary liaison with University financial offices.

Personnel and Staffing

  • Ensure compliance with University policies and procedures governing all personnel areas: recruiting, hiring, appointments, promotion, attendance, payroll, separation, and FMLA.
  • Manage communication of personnel activities and issues between the Hesburgh Libraries, Human Resources, and the Provost’s Office.
  • Develop and recommend policies specific to the Hesburgh Libraries.

Manage Program Area

  • Supervise employees in the Administrative and Central Resources Program.
  • Participate on senior leadership teams, representing interests of the Program.
  • Communicate Library initiatives to Program staff, ensuring their engagement and understanding.
  • Assist in strategic planning for the Library, and lead goal planning for the Program.