Interim Head, Navari Family Center for Digital Scholarship and E-Research Librarian
(574) 631-1546 | | 250D Navari Center for Digital Scholarship, Hesburgh Library

M.L.I.S 1994, University of California, Berkeley; M.A. English, 1989 University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Ms Meyers is an E-Research librarian in the Navari Family Center For Digital Scholarship where she helps pioneer and provide research data consulting services, including more in-depth data management services in support of grant-funded research.

Devotes up to 80% of her time as an embedded e-research librarian on grant-funded research and in collaboration with faculty members' and partner organizations' projects.

Serves as an ambassador and advisor to groups and individuals regarding data and digital content management.

Provides advice & works with units across campus and externally to provide collaborative, team-based support for reproducible research, data management and software preservation needs, as well as data and metadata services for the Navari Center for Digital Scholarship. Also hosts, conducts, and/or designs related workshops.


Digital Projects Lead
(574) 631-1566 | | 250 Hesburgh Library

Don Brower leads consultations and projects related to preservation and access for software, data, and digital scholarship.

His areas of focus are data analysis, digital annotation, preservation storage, and institutional repositories.
He has a background in software development, statistics, and mathematics.
He has a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Notre Dame.

Responsibilities include:

  • One of the Product Owners for the institutional repository. He consults with researchers on how CurateND can support their needs for data preservation and access, especially for grants. He also works with the campus Office of Information Technology to support the technical infrastructure needed for long-term data storage.

  • Leading and facilitating workshops at the Navari Center for Digital Scholarship. He is a Carpentries certified instructor.

  • Supporting special projects and grants and participating in multi-institutional collaborations related to annotations, repositories, and data.

  • Organizer of the Hesburgh Libraries' Library Tech Seminar, which covers topics ranging from Amazon Web Services to Text Mining. Everyone from the campus or regional community is welcome to attend (or give a talk).


(574) 631-3371 | | 250 Hesburgh Library

As Digital Projects Specialist (DPS), Adam contributes significantly to the development, creation, supervision, planning, and ongoing management of digital collections within the Hesburgh Libraries. The Digital Projects Specialist reports to the Supervisor for the Navari Family Center for Digital Scholarship. Adam provides oversight for the development of three-dimensional services, including 3D printers, software modeling and evaluation of applications that emerge in support of the 3D field as the technologies apply to strategic initiatives within the Libraries. Adam also provides instructional outreach service/course integration as well as workshops and instruction on 3D modeling and other visual software applications, including VR.

The Digital Projects Specialist collaborates with digital project stakeholders and software developers and teams within the Hesburgh Libraries to ensure access to the collections. The DPS is responsible for creation and documentation of metadata and digitization standards related to collections and exhibits developed in consultation with metadata and technical experts. Internal staff training to support creation, description and management of the digital surrogates is expected.


English Literature and Digital Humanities Librarian
+1 574 631 3457 | | 250C Navari Center for Digital Scholarship, Hesburgh Library

Daniel Johnson is subject specialist for English literature and digital humanities. He has graduate degrees in English from Wake Forest University (MA) and Princeton University (PhD), where he specialized in literature of the long eighteenth-century.


Digital Initiatives Librarian
(574) 631-8604 | | 250E Hesburgh Library

MIS, 1987, Drexel University; B.A. Philosophy, 1982, Bethany College

Eric Morgan is the Digital Initiatives Librarian in the Center for Digital Scholarship. His current work focuses on assisting faculty and students with text mining and analysis. Though his work involves extensive computing expertise, Eric considers himself to be a librarian first, and a computer user second. His professional goal is to discover new ways to use computers to provide better library service. His research interests have included information retrieval, expert systems, and automated personalization. For more detail, see


(574) 631-9401 | | 152 Walsh Family Hall of Architecture

Jennifer Parker is an Associate Librarian and has served as the head of the Architecture Library since August 2008. In addition, she is the Co-Director of the Historic Urban Environments Lab at Notre Dame (HUE/ND) which strives to provide virtual access to unique library materials focused on the built environment through new technologies. She received a Master’s Degree from the University of Virginia and a Master’s in Library Science from the University of Maryland. Prior to the position at Notre Dame she served as Art and Architecture Librarian for the University of Colorado at Boulder and as the Architectural Image Collection Manager for the University of Virginia’s Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library. Her research and practices focus on combining physical and virtual library materials to better integrate library resources into the current academic curriculum.

(574) 631-9099 | | L012 Mendoza College of Business

As one of the Business Librarians on campus, Pete provides comprehensive business reference, consultation, and information services to the University of Notre Dame community, in particular to the faculty, staff, and students of the Mendoza College of Business. She designs, teaches, and assesses instructional classes and serves as liaison to multiple programs, departments, and centers within Mendoza and within the University. Pete identifies, selects and acquires materials and databases in support of business information needs at the University.


GIS/Anthropology Librarian
(574) 631-7313 | | Navari Family Center for Digital Scholarship, 250G Hesburgh Library

Matthew is an Assistant Librarian based in the Navari Family Center for Digital Scholarship. His responsibilities are focused on Geographic Information System and Data Visualization and include teaching workshops and classes as well as assisting students and faculty with research projects related to maps and spatial data analysis. Mat's research is focused on how humans interact with, and are affected by, their environment. This includes both ecological modeling and assessing environmental toxins. He received his B.S. from the University of South Carolina in Marine Science and Anthropology and his M.A. and Ph.D. in Archaeology from Stony Brook University.

Courses Taught:
AL33201: Geographic Information Systems
CSC 33300: Home and Dome (Introduction to Community-Based Research)
DS64645: Data Visualization

Campus Affiliations
Eck Institute for Global Health
Center for Civic Innovation
Data Science Program

CV: Sisk_CV.pdf


Assistant Director, Navari Family Center for Digital Scholarship
(574) 631-4900 | | 250 Hesburgh Library

As Assistant Director, Julie manages day-to-day operations at the Center and provides support for all campus user groups across Center service areas. In addition, Julie collaborates across Library and University units to coordinate continual development of Center services, spaces, and technology, as well as to develop partnerships and new initiatives. Julie is a 2004 alumna of the University of Notre Dame and received her MPH from the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health.