The Analog Preservation and Conservation Unit collaborates broadly to understand collection vulnerabilities and limits to access, to weigh priorities, and to develop and implement targeted solutions that enable collections to support teaching and research objectives. In addition to the specialized unit staff listed below, the work of preservation is grounded in broad participation across the Libraries and campus. Such engagement includes mindful handling and processing of collections, design and management of preservation storage areas, proactive mitigation of environmental risks and responsiveness to emergencies, and active involvement in the identification and prioritization of at-risk collections and solutions.

Please reach out to us with your questions, observations, and suggestions related to the usability and preservation of the Hesburgh Libraries physical collections. We are grateful for your engagement.


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(574) 631-4643


Unit Head, Analog Preservation and Conservation
Unit Head, Analog Preservation and Conservation
(574) 631-4643 | ldube@nd.edu | 005 Reyniers Building | 1136a Hesburgh Library

As head of the Libraries’ services to preserve access to physical collections in support of teaching and research, Liz leads unit staff and collaborates with colleagues across the Libraries and campus to assess vulnerabilities, weigh priorities, and implement strategic preservation solutions. Liz holds an MLIS with a Certificate of Advanced Study in Library and Archives Conservation from the University of Texas, an MS in Mental Health Counseling from Indiana University, and a BA in English Literature with a Peace Studies minor from the University of Connecticut.


Preventive Conservation Specialist
+1 574 631 4077 | nchase1@nd.edu | 011 Reyniers Life Building

Neil coordinates preventive conservation measures that ensure access to the Libraries rare and unique collections. His work includes performing preventive treatment interventions, building custom protective enclosures, mounting collections for exhibition, and coordinating environmental monitoring of collection storage areas. Neil holds an MLS with a Specialization in Rare Books and Special Collections, and a BA in English, from Indiana University.


Preservation Specialist
(574) 631-6169 | kcolbert@nd.edu | 402U Hesburgh Library | 011 Reyniers Building

Kathy processes monographs and serials for commercial binding and assists with spine labeling. She also works in the conservation lab, where she builds custom protective enclosures for rare and unique collections and performs preventive treatment interventions.


Sr. Preservation Services Specialist
(574) 631-6360 | dhuyvaer@nd.edu | 402V Hesburgh Library

Debbie coordinates digital preservation reformatting of brittle books, commercial library binding, spine labeling, and mass deacidification services. Debbie works directly with specialized preservation vendors, and coordinates broadly with staff throughout the Libraries in order to accomplish her work. Debbie holds a BS in Education from Indiana University.


Special Collections Conservator
+1 574 631 7754 | jhuntjoh@nd.edu | 010 Reyniers Building

As Special Collections Conservator, Jen plans and executes conservation treatments to stabilize and preserve at-risk rare and unique collections in support of active teaching, research, digitization, and exhibition programs. Her work principally involves the design and execution of specialized treatments to stabilize individual items and collections of items. Jen holds an MA, CAS in Art Conservation from Buffalo State College, an MFA in Interdisciplinary Book and Paper Arts from Columbia College Chicago, and a BFA in Illustration from the University at Buffalo.


Gladys Brooks Conservation Fellow
631-6656 | lkelly24@nd.edu | 010 Reyniers Building

As Gladys Brooks Conservation Fellow, Luke performs specialized conservation treatments to stabilize and preserve at-risk rare and unique collections for teaching and research use. Luke has an MLIS and MFA from the University of Alabama and a BA in History from Harvard University.

Made possible with generous support from the Gladys Brooks Foundation, the two-year ongoing Gladys Brooks Conservation Fellowship program significantly extends the Libraries capacity to preserve and provide access to our specialized collections.


General Collections Conservation Technician
(574) 631-7734 | tmccomb@nd.edu | 001 Reyniers Building

As conservation technician for general collections, Tosha McComb coordinates the day to day work of in-house repair and reinforcement of circulating and reference collections. Her work includes stabilizing books and other formats so they may continue to be used, training and supervising student assistants, and maintaining supplies and equipment that support this work. Tosha also purchases all preservation supplies for RBSC and University Archives. Ever creative, Tosha is appreciated for the beautiful books she’s created in which we’ve shared memories and well-wishes to retiring Library colleagues.