The Information Technology Program implements and maintains user-centered technology solutions to streamline, simplify, and enhance the management, identification and location of library materials and services. The Program manages the Libraries’ web site, oversees the development and management of online services including OneSearch and the NDCatalog, and library management software such as the integrated library system. The Program maintains the Libraries’ server, network, and storage infrastructure, and maintains computer hardware and software necessary for ongoing work within the Libraries and coordinates technical support, technology training, and computing consultation and procurement activities for the Libraries.



Interim Associate University Librarian for Digital Scholarship, Services, and Technology
Program Director, Information Technology
(574) 631-3092 | mdehmlow@nd.edu | 271E Hesburgh Library

Mark is responsible for providing leadership, vision, and oversight for the strategic and functional directions of the IT Program including stewardship for the Program's budget and personnel. As Program Director for most of the Libraries' core technical infrastructure and services, he collaborates with key library and University stakeholders and partners to plan and implement technology solutions that contribute to a transformative academic library.

Vision and Oversight

  • Provide overall leadership for the IT Program, establish foundational vision and strategic directions in collaboration with program leadership, and help leaders carry out that vision across four functional units (Web and Software Engineering, IT Support, Enterprise Systems, and Enterprise Applications).
  • As a member of the Libraries' Cabinet, collaborate on setting Library wide goals and strategies.
  • Help program and organization adjust to change and demands created by technology developments and increasing user needs through communication, process management, process improvement, coaching, and team building.


  • Provide management and guidance for three unit managers and two library faculty.
  • Collaboratively establish goals with direct reports, coach as needed, and evaluate performance.
  • Provide advice and direction on professional development and skill advancement in alignment with library strategies and goals.
  • Provide oversight for program budget.

Communication and Collaboration

  • Share decisions and information made in the Cabinet with managers and Program.
  • Regular communication with Cabinet and other library and University stakeholders to hear about needs, ensure that Program is delivering on expected outcomes, negotiate change, and collaborate on key initiatives.

Mark holds Bachelor's of Arts degrees in English and Math from the University of Maine and a Master's of Science degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois.


Unit Head, Systems Management and Integration
Unit Head, Systems Management and Integration
(574) 631-4035 | abales@nd.edu | 271F Hesburgh Library

As Systems Librarian, Aaron manages some of the core library management, discovery and delivery applications for the Hesburgh Libraries and the Michiana Academic Library Consortium.

Discovery System

  • Configure and maintain OneSearch and the ND Catalog, using the Primo Discovery System (from Ex Libris).
  • Load records from the library management system and other internal and external sources.

Library Management System

  • Configure and maintain the Aleph 500 Integrated Library System, which is used for acquisitions, cataloging and circulation of library materials.
  • Support integration of the management system with the discovery system, interlibrary loan and other related systems.

MLS, Indiana University; A.B., Philosophy, Harvard University


Manager, Web and Software Engineering Unit
(574) 631-3353 | rfox2@nd.edu | 271 Hesburgh Library

Rob is the manager for the Web and Software Engineering Unit for the Hesburgh Libraries. In this role, he is responsible for providing leadership and consultative services regarding how the library can take advantage of web based technologies, while managing a highly skilled team of software developers and specialists in the areas of design, user experience, analysis and change management. As a hands on manager, Rob is also involved in the design and development of applications in his role as a member of the software engineering team.


  • Lead and manage a team of four software engineers, a user experience specialist, web analyst, and web developer
  • Overall responsibility for the majority of the library web assets and services
  • Responsible for the training and development of unit staff in order to promote growth, efficiency, innovation and continuous improvement

Software Engineering

  • Consultation regarding the overall strategy for the integration and development of library software projects
  • Promote the use of software infrastructure and web standards
  • Works with the broader software engineering team in order to design and implement software that best fits the strategic needs of the library
  • Develops sustainable and reusable software components and module service oriented architecture

User Experience

  • Provide direction for implementation of proper search engine optimization features
  • Guide the design and implementation of user interfaces for the library's web properties
  • Ensure that user interfaces are implemented in an accessible manner following industry standards

Manager, Support and Solutions Analysis Unit
(574) 631-3940 (574) 631-0932 | rkolic@nd.edu | 271 Hesburgh Library

Rob is the manager for the Library IT Support Unit of Hesburgh Libraries (LIB-ITS). In his role, he is responsible for providing leadership and consultative services for current and future IT-related hardware, software, services, training, and budgets for the Libraries. LIB-ITS staff of four support well over 1000 IT hardware devices including Mac and Windows PCs and peripherals, printers, open-book scanners, plotters, etc. The unit is also responsible for VoIP phones.


  • Lead and manage a team of four IT Support Coordinators who provide a wide variety of IT services
  • Overall responsibility for providing "Service Excellence" to Library faculty, staff, and students
  • Collaborate with OIT and other IT units across campus in networking, software images, security, CWP, Pharos printers, and rollout of new products such as Google.

IT Budget

  • In collaboration with Program Director and Finance Group, develop ongoing annual IT budget
  • Based on budget, manage purchases, maintenance, and replacement of IT hardware and software

Training and Development

  • Support LIB-ITS staff as they learn and innovate in order to provide new and better services to Libraries
  • Develop training opportunities for Library faculty and staff to improve their IT skills and embrace new software and technologies

IT Support

  • As a working manager, Rob is frequently "in the trenches" providing direct support to faculty and staff
  • As a manager, he monitors progress on existing support tickets and emerging issues

Manager, Enterprise Systems Unit
Manager, Enterprise Systems
+1 574 631 8559 | Steve.Mattison@nd.edu | 271 Hesburgh Library