Edward H. Arnold University Librarian
(574) 631-7790 | | 284F Hesburgh Library

Diane Parr Walker was appointed the Edward H. Arnold University Librarian at the University of Notre Dame in 2011.

The Hesburgh Libraries at Notre Dame include more than 175 faculty and staff members and comprise the main Hesburgh Library and eight branch libraries across campus. Together the libraries contain more than 3.5 million physical volumes, offer access to an equal number of electronic titles, and are visited by over 1 million people each year.

Walker’s vision for the libraries is grounded in her abiding commitment to supporting the academic and research goals of the university. Through her leadership, she has clarified that the mission of the Hesburgh Libraries is and always has been to connect people to knowledge. The Libraries’ job is to acquire, preserve, organize and steward knowledge in any format, making it accessible to all scholars throughout time and across geographic boundaries.

Walker previously served University Libraries at the University of Virginia in several roles over nearly 27 years, first as music librarian, and finally as deputy university librarian. She is a past president of the Music Library Association and serves on the boards of the Academic Libraries of Indiana, the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services, the Catholic Research Resources Alliance, and the Academic Preservation Trust (APTrust). She began her research library career at the University of Illinois and the State University of New York at Buffalo. She earned master’s degrees in musicology from the University of Iowa and in library and information science from the University of Illinois. Her bachelor’s degree in music literature is from MacMurray College in Jacksonville, Illinois.


Associate University Librarian, Academic Services and Collections
(574) 631-3778 | | 284E Hesburgh Library

As an Associate University Librarian, Lou provides leadership and vision for the library programs related to academic services and collections. The programs are:

  • The Teaching, Research and User Services Program, which includes core research & consultation services, teaching & instructional services, circulation and frontline desk services throughout the library system, reserves, interlibrary loan lending, annex services, stacks maintenance and document delivery,
  • The Collection Strategy and Subject Services Program, which selects collection content to support teaching and research, oversees collections, and provides advanced consultation & teaching services in the STEM, Business, Area Studies, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities disciplines.
  • The Specialized Collection Services Program, which provides specialized services across academic disciplines, the units in this program include, Rare Books and Special Collections, the University Archives, and Preservation, Conservation and Digital Production.

Selected Responsibilities:

  • Play a leading role in library-wide strategic planning, resource management and assessment to develop and convey a clear and compelling vision working closely with the University Librarian and the Associate University Librarian for Digital Access Resources and Information Technology
  • Closely align goals, organizational groups, resources and values with those of the University
  • Energize the organization through emphasis on collaboration, flexibility, empowerment, on-going learning, service excellence, a commitment to teamwork and open communication
  • Develop, maintain and inspire a strategically focused and highly knowledgeable workforce
  • Coach and empower program directors and team leaders to excel both directly and through effective delegation, management and communication
  • Build and strengthen campus relationships, identifying opportunities to assist in the academic mission of the university by providing knowledge resources and expertise to enhance teaching and research for both students and faculty and to productively collaborate throughout the university and the academy in support of our mission.

Lou is a librarian and a scholar with a doctorate in Medieval Studies. His focus is on integrating library services and collections into the teaching and research missions of the university.He is an elected member of the Comité international de paléographie latine and a fellow of the American Numismatic Society.


Executive Administrator
(574) 631-6429 | | | | 284K Hesburgh Library

As the Executive Administrator for the Hesburgh Libraries, Kelly advises and supports the University Librarian and the Hesburgh Libraries’ senior leadership and also provides oversight of the Libraries’ strategic plan and assessment activities.

Strategic Planning

  • Oversee the implementation and updating of the Libraries’ strategic plan.
  • Lead process to identify Libraries’ strategic initiatives for each academic year.
  • Monitor progress of strategic initiatives and serve as a resource to facilitate success.
  • Communicate progress on strategic plan within the Libraries and to campus stakeholders.


  • Coordinate assessment activities within the Libraries.
  • Lead Libraries’ Assessment Team in developing measures to communicate the impact of the Libraries to stakeholders on campus and beyond, as well identifying measures needed internally to assist with decision making and planning.

Special Projects

  • Manage strategic projects on behalf of the University Librarian.
  • Facilitate official agendas, meetings, and discussions for the Hesburgh Libraries’ Cabinet (library leadership team).
  • Coordinate Libraries’ special events involving University Senior Leadership.
  • Represent the University Librarian and Associate University Librarians as needed.
  • Build strategic partnerships on campus and beyond, on behalf of Library leadership.

Communications and Marketing Specialist
(574) 631-3951 | | 284H Hesburgh Library

Program Director, Communications and Marketing
(574) 631-1856 | | 284J Hesburgh Library

As a member of the leadership team, Tara helps to shape and implement the overall vision, strategic plan, and related strategic initiatives for the Hesburgh Libraries.

She also develops and executes integrated marketing communications strategies to highlight the vital contributions the Libraries make to teaching and research and connect stakeholders to library expertise, services, resources, and special programs that accelerate learning and advance scholarship.

To this end, Tara works across several areas, including strategic planning, brand development, digital marketing, event marketing, social media, public relations, content development, web design and graphic design. Within the Libraries, she leads and consults with multidisciplinary teams in support of core programs and priority initiatives. She also works in collaboration with campus partners, including the schools and colleges, centers and institutes, University Development, Alumni Association and University Communications to advance the mission of the libraries and shared institutional goals.

Tara is a graduate of University of Notre Dame and holds a bachelor of fine arts degree with majors in graphic design/advertising, art history, and Arts and Letters Program for Administrators (ALPA). She also earned a master of science degree from Northwestern University studying integrated marketing communications.


Organizational Development Librarian
(574) 631-2871 | | 284B Hesburgh Library

As the Organizational Development Librarian, Marcy assesses and enhances the effectiveness of the Libraries’ organizational structure and operations by working closely with cabinet members, supervisors, faculty colleagues, library teams, and campus partners.

Human Resources and Provost' Office Partners

  • Integrate the University and Library-wide goals, values, and perspectives into the Libraries’ internal functions, such as position design, the recruitment and orientation processes, goal statements, assessment and recognition, team composition, program planning, and communication.

  • Work with CAP, ELF, and individual supervising librarians to ensure that CAP and faculty manual guidelines are regularly reviewed, maintained, and communicated.

  • Liaison with partners in Provost' Office regarding changes to academic articles, the Library Faculty Manual and other guidelines related to library faculty issues.

Organizational Development

  • Integrate goals, values, and culture statements into position design, recruitment process, performance management, recognition and internal communication efforts.

  • Oversee the annual review process for both staff and faculty.

  • Administer the local training and development budget.

  • Provide informal coaching and structured training to strengthen individual, management, and team effectiveness.

  • Listen, advocate, identify options to resolve problems and conflicts.

  • Oversee OD-related library teams such as the May/June Institute Team, the Performance Recognition Awards Team, the Faculty and Staff Training and Development Team, the Professional Development Committee, the Orientation Team, and the ND Voice Team.


  • Assist in developing recruitment strategies for faculty positions and designing position descriptions for faculty and for staff in the Library Family of the HR job architecture.

Director, Finance and Administration
(574) 631-2938 | | 284C Hesburgh Library

As the Director of the Administrative and Central Resources Program, Matt oversees the financial operating framework for the Hesburgh Libraries and is also responsible for human resources administration and building maintenance.

Financial Oversight

  • Oversee annual budget for Hesburgh Libraries.
  • Steward endowments, library priorities, and donor designations.
  • Develop short-term and long-term budget priorities and strategies.
  • Coordinate financial operations with Office of the Provost.
  • Manage year-to-date financial performance and year-end performance versus budget.
  • Develop and recommend policies specific to the Hesburgh Libraries.
  • Serve as primary liaison with University financial offices.

Personnel and Staffing

  • Ensure compliance with University policies and procedures governing all personnel areas: recruiting, hiring, appointments, promotion, attendance, payroll, separation, and FMLA.
  • Manage communication of personnel activities and issues between the Hesburgh Libraries, Human Resources, and the Provost’s Office.
  • Develop and recommend policies specific to the Hesburgh Libraries.

Manage Program Area

  • Supervise employees in the Administrative and Central Resources Program.
  • Participate on senior leadership teams, representing interests of the Program.
  • Communicate Library initiatives to Program staff, ensuring their engagement and understanding.
  • Assist in strategic planning for the Library, and lead goal planning for the Program.

Associate University Librarian, Digital Access, Resources and Information Technology
Head, Project Management Office
(574) 631-6495 | | 284D Hesburgh Library

Zheng (John) Wang is Associate University Librarian for Digital Access, Resources, and Information Technology at the University of Notre Dame. He provides leadership and guidance and manages vision and strategies in the development and optimization of library systems and applications, and digital, technical, and delivery services.

Selected Responsibilities:

  • Provide Leadership and Vision by playing a leading role in library-wide strategic planning, resource management, and assessment and helping to develop and convey a clear and compelling vision;
  • Closely align goals, structure, resources, and values with those of the University;
  • Energize the organization through emphasis on collaboration, flexibility, empowerment, on-going learning, service excellence, and a commitment to work together as one team;
  • Maintain, develop, and inspire a strategically-focused and highly knowledgeable workforce;
  • Coach and empower program directors and team leaders to excel both directly and through effective delegation and management;
  • Build and deepen campus relationships, identifying opportunities to share resources provide targeted services and programs, and productively collaborate.

He is a librarian and a technologist, holding both Master of Arts in Library and Information studies as well as Mast of Science in Information Systems. His experience includes content workflow, user-centered design, usability methodologies, Web systems, and application development. His professional aspiration is to integrate library online and offline services seamlessly for users.  He published and lectured in the areas of web services and analytics, digital library development, project management, collection supply chain management, and digital scholarship.