The Web and Software Engineering is responsible for several roles that help to fulfill the strategic vision of the Hesburgh Libraries. The software engineering team provides consultative services, designs and implements web based applications as well as data integration services, and has a focus on product delivery and continuous improvement of the digital services we support. We also have a focus on user centered design, and that is the primary focus of our user experience professional, as well as of the entire unit. Finally, this unit is a facilitator for communication both internally and externally, regarding the progression and improvement of the library's web services. In order to meet that need, we also employ a full time web analyst who is responsible for change management, documentation, research, change management, and internal instruction about changing, new, and potential technologies that we could take advantage of.

Please contact any of us if you have ideas for improvement, questions, or concerns.



Manager, Web and Software Engineering Unit
(574) 631-3353 | rfox2@nd.edu | 271 Hesburgh Library

Rob is the manager for the Web and Software Engineering Unit for the Hesburgh Libraries. In this role, he is responsible for providing leadership and consultative services regarding how the library can take advantage of web based technologies, while managing a highly skilled team of software developers and specialists in the areas of design, user experience, analysis and change management. As a hands on manager, Rob is also involved in the design and development of applications in his role as a member of the software engineering team.


  • Lead and manage a team of four software engineers, a user experience specialist, web analyst, and web developer
  • Overall responsibility for the majority of the library web assets and services
  • Responsible for the training and development of unit staff in order to promote growth, efficiency, innovation and continuous improvement

Software Engineering

  • Consultation regarding the overall strategy for the integration and development of library software projects
  • Promote the use of software infrastructure and web standards
  • Works with the broader software engineering team in order to design and implement software that best fits the strategic needs of the library
  • Develops sustainable and reusable software components and module service oriented architecture

User Experience

  • Provide direction for implementation of proper search engine optimization features
  • Guide the design and implementation of user interfaces for the library's web properties
  • Ensure that user interfaces are implemented in an accessible manner following industry standards

Sr. User Experience Engineer
+1 574-631-8793 | pweikel@nd.edu | 271 Hesburgh Library

Web Developer
(574) 631-9445 | awetheri@nd.edu | 271 Hesburgh Library

Andy is the unit web and graphic designer. Responsibilities include template design, page composition design, compliance with web standards and norms, development and maintenance of centralized web assets such as javascript and CSS, and images. As a graphic designer, Andy is responsible for creating professional design elements, color schemes, and branding components for a wide variety of sites that the library promotes for use in the academy. Andy is proficient in producing designs for a variety of purposes that include instruction, exhibition, discovery, and generalized web content. He also offers consultation services for library faculty, staff, and the teaching and research faculty of the university.


Lead Software Engineer
(574) 631-8864 | dwolfe2@nd.edu | Dan.Wolfe.35@nd.edu | 271 Hesburgh Library

As the lead software engineer for the WSE unit, Dan is responsible for a wide variety of tasks. His primary duties include software development, user interface design and implementation, application and data integration, as well as consultation. With a focus on user interface development, Dan works closely with the unit user experience professional as well as the digital library team in order to develop highly usable front ends for a variety of web based library services.

Software Engineering

  • User interface design and implementation
  • Service integration
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Section 508 compliance
  • Adherence to current web standards
  • Consultation on application design