284B Hesburgh Library
Notre Dame, IN 46556
o: (574) 631-2871
e: msimons@nd.edu

Marcy Simons Portrait


Marcy Simons, MLS, is responsible for optimizing the Hesburgh Libraries’ approach to recruiting, retaining, and guiding individuals to work effectively individually and collectively. She serves as the Dean’s lead liaison for talent and organizational development work including analysis and measurement, scouting, recruiting, searches and hiring, compensation analysis, onboarding, professional development, retention, separation and offboarding, and alumni engagement. Simons works holistically across the many facets of talent and culture to help ensure that the Hesburgh Libraries is an appropriate candidate’s preferred employer of choice, both on the University of Notre Dame campus and across the higher education sector.

Simons is the author of two books about academic librarianship, Academic Librarianship: Anchoring the Profession in Contribution, Scholarship, and Service (2021) and Academic Library Metamorphosis and Regeneration (2017), both published by Rowman Littlefield.