154 Hesburgh Library
Notre Dame, IN 46556
o: (574) 631-6361
o: (574) 850-6208
e: rfergers@nd.edu

Ross Fergerson Portrait


As Building Services Manager, Ross is responsible for general maintenance and space management of the Hesburgh Library building, as well representing Hesburgh Library on all facilities and equipment projects, promoting safety and security for the building.

Building Manager

  • Coordinate renovations, alterations, office relocations, and new construction.
  • Monitor IAQ throughout the library and contact Utilities as necessary.
  • Maintain furniture inventory.
  • Coordinate with Building Services concerning cleanliness issues.
  • Supervise Building Services Assistant

Safety and Security Officer

  • Maintain Incident Report Log.
  • Maintain key inventory and disseminate keys as necessary.
  • Respond to safety and security concerns throughout the building.
  • Chair the Library Safety and Security Task Force.
  • Coordinate with the Notre Dame Security Police liaison.

Maintenance Coordinator

  • Report through the AIM software system all issues involving outside library support.
  • Follow up on all maintenance repairs and replacements.
  • Coordinate the follow-through and completion of all work orders from University departments.
  • Coordinate with the Maintenance Project Coordinator on alterations to the Hesburgh Library and associated branches.