402C Hesburgh Library
Notre Dame, IN 46556
o: (574) 631 2409
e: skasten@nd.edu

Sarah Kasten Portrait


As RAD Services Analyst, Sarah applies creativity, critical thinking and technical knowledge to topical and operational problems, providing RAD leadership with possible solutions that optimize program services and meet business requirements. Sarah works towards designing scalable service models that support end-to-end automated workflows, maximize system capabilities and dependencies, and promote functional integration. Sarah uses available tools and metrics to analyze, measure and forecast service improvements, considering productivity and cost in solution proposals. She develops business cases that feed program project and operational management planning. Given the wide understanding acquired by her work, Sarah spearheads the management of RAD program documentation, working closely with program members, the PMO, IT and other regarding best practices and retention policies.

Sarah joined the RAD Program in 2016 as RAD/ILLAS Supervisor, where she has gained expertise in interlibrary loan and acquisitions workflows and systems. Prior to joining RAD, Sarah served as Adjunct Research Librarian for the Hesburgh Libraries in 2011-2012. She holds a BA in Environmental Studies & Economics from Bard College and a MA in Library & Information Science from Simmons College. Sarah also brings further experience from Harvard University where she worked as an acquisitions assistant at the Tozzer Library and serials cataloging assistant at the Harvard University Libraries.